This Is All Your Fault, Cassie Parker

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Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

ISBN-13: 978-0062414496

ISBN-10: 0062414496

Pages: 272

Grade Level: 3-7

In this heartwarming companion to Drive Me Crazy, twelve-year-old Fiona Coppleton is living a middle schooler's worst nightmare: her diary was made public and her best friend is partly to blame.

"Told in the endearing voice of a wise-beyond-her-years 12-year-old with a knack for self-reflection, this deeply engrossing story offers gentle lessons about the shifting sands of friendship and family and not always getting what you want. A strong subplot features a realistic portrayal of Fiona's affluent, African-American, co-parenting family. Readers who enjoyed McVoy's Drive Me Crazy (2015) will welcome this companion novel. A smart, heartwarming novel about the ups and downs of family and friendship." — Kirkus starred review, February 2016

Fiona and Cassie are supposed to be best friends forever. No one else listens or makes Fiona laugh like Cassie, and that meant everything when Fiona’s parents were divorcing. They love each other in spite of their (many) differences, and even though Cassie cares a little too much about being popular, Fiona can't imagine life without her.

Until Fiona's diary is stolen by the most popular girls at school, and her most secret thoughts are read out loud on the bus. Even worse: Cassie was there, and she didn't do anything to stop it. Now, for some reason, she's ignoring Fiona. Suddenly the whole world has shifted.

Life without a best friend is confusing, scary, maybe impossible. But as Fiona navigates a summer of big changes, she learns more about herself—and friendship—than she ever thought possible.

"Employing themes of rejection, family, bullying, and self-discovery, McVoy has crafted a coming-of-age novel that will resonate with preteens. Fiona is a clever, talented, conflicted character who shows more maturity than many 12-year-olds, and readers will want to be her friend. Fiona’s relatable, bumpy journey towards young adulthood is not to be missed." — Booklist

"A satisfying amount of drama drives the story, but the book’s best feature is Fiona’s internal journey, told through narrative, journal entries, texts, plays, and a thinly veiled revenge fantasy composed at creative writing camp. Other appealing attributes include Fiona’s sweet relationship with her younger sister, her sheepish love of all things Disney, and the subtle diversity of the cast. Share this title with fans of Wendy Mass’s work, Victoria Jamieson’s Roller Girl, and Rebecca Stead’s Goodbye Stranger. This heartfelt story is authentic enough to quench middle schoolers’ thirst for realistic fiction and gentle enough to recommend to middle graders—a winning combination." — School Library Journal, Deidre Winterhalter, Niles Public Library, IL