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I absolutely love talking to students and teachers about my books, but also about writing and working in the book industry, in general! My fees vary, depending on travel and what’s involved, so email me about that, but here are some examples of what I can do:

Book Club Discussion: Assign any of my four titles to your group, and I’ll come for a discussion — answering any and all questions!

“Thirteen Ways of Looking At A ______” Poetry Workshop: Some of the poems in After the Kiss are inspired by existing work from famous poets. In this hour-long, participatory workshop, we read together “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird,” by Wallace Stevens, and then compare it to the modified version in After the Kiss. Attendees will walk away having analyzed an advanced poem, and written their own “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a ______” poem.

“Getting Started: Ideas for Stories”: This is a participatory workshop about the early stages of writing, wherein students generate story ideas based on freewriting, reading headlines from tabloid stories, as well as song titles. Can be done with small or large groups, with supervisory help.

“How I Became a Real Author”: Designed for small or large groups, this is a discussion about my own interest in writing from an early age, and how I followed that personal passion to become the published author I am today.

“How a Book Is Made”: Excellent for all ages, this is my play-by-play talk about how a book gets published, from the first idea to the final product. Agents, editors, publishers, and even the self-published process is covered here.

“Wax On, Wax Off: What I Learned About Writing From the Karate Kid”: Designed for large groups, this “motivational speech” focuses on the hard work of writing and how important it is to continue to do it even if you don’t feel like you’re getting anywhere. Content can be adjusted to also include frustrating writing moments, my own writing process, bits of my own old writing, and/or how to get over writer’s block.

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”: This is a fun, interactive exercise wherein students are paired together and shown (via one very crazy picture and a lot of drawing) how important clarity is in your writing.

Basic Poetry Workshop: Useful for younger students without much of a background in poetry, this is a general overview of some poetic forms, as well as several interactive exercises to help generate creative similes and metaphors, and creatively poetic juxtapositions.


I learned that poetry

Is definitely NOT boring,

otherwise you would’ve

heard and seen us snoring.

You should definitely do

this workshop again.

I learned more than one thing—

possibly ten!

6th grader, Renfroe Middle School

After Terra Elan McVoy visited my middle school girls at the end of last school year I was hooked. And it was not just me it was all the students. Every young lady from the age of 12 to 33 (me) was totally engrossed in her life story as an author. We were so lucky to have her read from Being Friends with Boys, and it sparked a fire for her novels … When school began this year the girls were knocking down the library door to get at her books … Terra Elan McVoy is exactly what the middle school girls at my school were looking for in the literary lives.

I highly recommend her books and visits!

Andrea Tomlin, Librarian/Media Specialist at Wesley International Academy

I’ve hosted about 20 authors in my classroom in the past decade, and Terra’s visit ranks at the top! Not only did she bring invaluable lessons and advice from a brilliant working author, her thoughtful desire to enhance the course curriculum and my students’ writing made my job as a teacher easier. She worked with 80 students and made them feel not only like they could succeed but that they would. They’re still talking about the insight she brought to our school. If I could, I’d have her in my classroom everyday.

Cale Golden, DeKalb School of the Arts

Mrs. McVoy did a great job going through the writing processes. For someone who doesn’t like to write she made it interesting. She has helped me find ways to get ideas for stories when I have to write them.

6th grader, Trickum Middle School

Mrs. McVoy is a very good author who not only writes herself, but makes writing fun for others! I loved how she interacted with the students. It felt like she was one of us! Also, she didn’t take hours and hours to explain something. She gave us some good tips in a fun way! She is a very interesting person and I hope that she continues doing presentations like this to get more people excited about writing.

6th grader, Trickum Middle School

Terra McVoy taught us many beneficial things while she was here, but I will benefit the most from when she taught us how to get unstuck, and how to find good and easy inspiration. She said we could use music, news headlines, and more! I really think that what she talked about will help me.

6th grader, Trickum Middle School

When Terra Elan McVoy visited my school to talk about her book, After the Kiss, I was struck by her friendliness, creativity, and exceptional adaptation of the writing process. Her writing exercises that she introduced to us were not only helpful, but inspiring as well. I was deeply appreciative that she took the time to interact with her enthusiastic readers, and I can’t wait for her next book!

11th grader, DeKalb School of the Arts

Terra Elan McVoy inspires me with her enthusiasm for her craft, and her love of writing shines through in her work. After the Kiss expertly weaves words into an engaging story that I thoroughly enjoyed, and I hope others will too.

12th grader, DeKalb School of the Arts

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