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Add BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS To Your Summer Reading Pile!

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Been meaning to read BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS and haven’t yet? Well, there is a giveaway sweepstakes on right now until July 15th! Enter to win one of eight signed copies of BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS, *and* a newly-created Sad Jackal band logo sticker!


The Page Turners Have Spoken, And They Are Conflicted!

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There are many fantastic elements to my job as a bookseller at Little Shop of Stories, but hands down one of my favorite tasks is running my two book clubs. Kids & Companions is a group for kids ages 8-11, and a grownup reading partner of their choice, and the Page Turners are all girls in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Once a month, we read a book and meet to discuss it together, and I always gain new insights on life, love, and the pursuit of literature during our conversations.

Last month, by the Page Turners’ request, we read my fourth novel, Being Friends With Boys. Since there are so many great guys in that book –and I have a hard time choosing a favorite, myself– I asked the girls which one was their favorite or least favorite of the fellows. Here’s what they had to say, and since even Charlotte has trouble deciding on a favorite, I suppose I should not have been surprised that they had trouble coming to a consensus, too!

My favorite boy in Being Friends With Boys was Oliver because I can see he really does have a good heart even if he doesn’t always show it.   Even though he has a short temper and a tendency to give the silent treatment, I think at the end of the day, he would do anything for his friends, especially Charlotte.  I think, deep down, he cares for Charlotte probably more than she knows and would never try to hurt her.
My Least Favorite Boy in Being Friends With Boys was Benji because I feel like he had a bit of a ulterior motive when he flirts with Charlotte.  I mean, it’s just a little weird that a boy that Charlotte barely knows or ever talks to starts to randomly pass her notes and ask her to study.  I find it very hard to believe that he has a genuine crush on Charlotte and wants to be her long-term boyfriend considering his…um…reputation.  Even though he proved himself to be a great friend . . .  I was still a little wary of him the whole time.
- Chloe Nathan, 12

My favorite boy in Being Friends with Boys was Trip, because of the way he was described. I think, out of all the other characters in the book (although well described ), you could picture Trip in your mind and grow to love that image.
– Hope Barrineau, age 12

I loved the book Being Friends with Boys.  I connected very well  with the characters in the book.  My favorite boy was Benji.  I held an interest for the misunderstood rebel throughout the book. The interest began when I read about how he dropped the note onto Charlotte’s desk asking her to study. I felt like he would be her “replacement” for Trip, and in a way he was. So I was really mad when she used him . . . he trusted and liked her and Charlotte just let him down.
But my least favorite boy was Oliver.  He was a very interesting character but he sometimes didn’t treat Charlotte with the respect she deserved.  I also didn’t like how he started taking credit for the things Charlotte did.  I felt like he was the leader who was  trying to make an image for him and he took it a little too far.
Being Friends with Boys was an amazing book, and I am definitely going to read more of Ms. McVoy.
–Mary Lisle Shewan, age 12

My favorite boy in Being Friends With Boys was Oliver, because even when he was being a regular jerky boy, he realized that being there for Charlotte was one of his top priorities.
–Hanna Scott, age 12

My favorite boy in Being Friends With Boys would have to be Oliver; even though he can sometimes be a meanie to Charlotte, they still have a great relationship. Oliver and Charlotte are almost like brother and sister. They have their fights, but it always turns out okay. He seems like an awesome guy to hang out with, and plus he’s in a band and cute!
In some ways Benji is my least favorite. He smokes pot, skips class, and seems like a “punk.” I dislike him for that reason, but once you actually get to know him, he’s super sweet! Trip, well, at first you think he’s great. He seems like a loyal friend to Charlotte until he isn’t. Trip totally just deserts Charlotte, leaving her wondering why he just left. I hated it when he did that! This is why all in all Trip is probably my least favorite boy of them all.
–Jenny Capriola, age 12
Thanks so much, ladies, for your responses! I can’t wait to discuss our NEXT book with you!

The Sad Jackal Logo, Revealed!

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Thanks to everyone who voted in the Being Friends With Boys Sad Jackal band logo contest! It was fun to watch the votes come in, and I’m happy to announce that my good friend (and, in my opinion, great artist) Stewart Haddock created the winning design!

I asked Stewart a little bit about his art, and this design, plus being friends with girls, and here’s what he had to say:

All my art is just little stuff. Cards and gifts to people or maybe something I just give away. I just think of something and do it. Being asked to do something was different and made it harder. It wasn’t that it was a band logo specifically, just that it seemed there were expectations. I guess you learn how to deal with that in art school. I should have gone to art school, huh? I almost begged out, since nothing I was coming up with was any good. Then I just figured I would make something simple and since it would be on a t-shirt and every color adds to the price of the shirt, I thought a linocut would make a nice mono-color image. (trying to think like a band might think) I like it enough. Text is very hard with linocut, for me at least, and I wish that looked better.

I am a terrible artist. Looking at the other designs really drives the point home.

Being friends with girls’s cool. What do you want me to do, write a book on it!? Just messing with ya. I’m not really offering to write a book.

Stewart is also the Community Organizer and Conceptual Artist for the Inman Park Squirrel Census, which is, in my opinion, just one of the many, many reasons why he is so awesome, and why I’m glad his art is representing Being Friends With Boys!