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What was the best part of the first-ever Austin Teen Book Festival, really? Was it accosting Libba Bray in the bathroom (after her amazing and inspiring keynote), and begging her to come to the Decatur Book Festival? Was it the wicked-awesome schwag bag, and the killer tour guide who came with it? The chance to meet Topher-the-Amazing from Book People, or the likes of Deb Caletti and Matt de la Pena (and Lisa McMann, and Cynthia Leitich-Smith, and Heather Brewer, and then some?) Or was it, instead, the completely-awesome Thriller dance that was performed for us during lunch?  I’m not sure! It was all really great! As you can see!

Getting Psyched About The Austin Teen Book Festival!

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So, my total BFF from second grade whom I’ve known and loved forever lives in Austin, TX. And I was way overdue to visit her and see her new house there, anyway. So boy-oh-boy was I extra-excited when we found out that the Austin Teen Book Festival was going on down there on October 24th, and then I was even more excited when they actually invited me to be on a panel. With Deb Caletti! And Matt de la Pena! So now I am planning outfits and choosing Fluevogs and making notes on index cards and thinking of questions to ask my fellow panelists (suggestions welcome), and also getting giddy about meeting Libba Bray! And Lisa McMann! And a bunch of other wicked-cool YA authors! Yeehaw!

Check out the schedule and situation, and maybe I’ll see you there!

Interview on God Complex Radio Today

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So, today I had the total thrill and pleasure of talking with Carol Howard Merritt and Bruce Reyes-Chow on their most-excellent show, God Complex Radio. This was a huge honor for me as the show has a great following and an esteemed list of guests, but boy let me tell you some of the questions were really in-depth!
This was the first time I’d really talked about Pure in terms of it being a “teen issue” book, or speaking from the position of being any kind of advisor on teen development and psychology (Which I am not really!), so I worried I fumbled a bit, but there were some amazingly enlightening (and tough) questions, including “What can we do to help girls get to a point where [where Naeomi is in the book] they can feel this kind of promise would be something they made for themselves?” “What advice can you give to us parents as we begin coaching our own daughters through this phase of their lives?” and “What does this do to our teens’ psyches, making them promise–to God–not to do something? And then what happens to them when they do it?”
Apparently the sound wasn’t very good on my end (I did the whole thing via cell phone), but if you want to hear the whole interview you can check it out at!
Thanks Carol and Bruce for having me, and for a great discussion!