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AFTER THE KISS Officially in Paperback!

January 4th, 2011 by Terra | No Comments | Filed in After the Kiss

Book groups, get ready!

My second novel, After the Kiss, is officially now in paperback!

And, besides the narrative in poetry, and the back-and-forth perspective between two girls who have, it turns out, kissed the same boy, in this edition there is a teaser for my forthcoming book, The Summer of Firsts and Lasts. (Due out May 2011). It starts out a little something like this:

Sneaking out to meet Brynn was so easy and uneventful and normal the first time, I almost forgot it was against the rules. When I see her tonight at karaoke, we don’t talk about yesterday’s thing at lunch at all, or her “camp apology” cloaked in disdain. All that happens is that she plunks next to me, and then we laugh a ton together. When I hug her around the neck to tell her how awesome her Janis Joplin was, she only husks in my ear, “Tonight again.”

And this time I’m way more excited than I am scared.

So don’t miss a chance to check out what will be my newest book, and also to read After the Kiss, about which the Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books said (in a starred review):  “. . . the imagery is often startling with an originality that exhales into a perfect aptness for the experience. This is more than simply a language-lover’s edition of traditional chick-lit fare . . .”

(For more about After the Kiss, click on the candy heart at the top of the page.)