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The NYC Teen Author Festival Is Coming!

March 21st, 2012 by Terra | No Comments | Filed in Appearances

There are many things that make being an author a fantastic job.

1. Writing something and having it worked on, and then published, by incredibly talented people.

2. Having your work READ by incredibly talented people.

3. Getting to hang out with, talk to, interview, and otherwise corroborate with incredibly talented people.

And thanks to David Levithan, the Grand Poobah behind the New York City Teen Author Festival, I am going to get to celebrate both #1 and #2, AND participate in #3!

Check out this lineup.

As a festival organizer myself, I know that putting together even just one weekend of events can be a handful. David and his crew manage to put together an ENTIRE WEEK of YA celebrations! Schools, libraries and bookstore are all involved. I’ve been a participant in this festival for the last several years, and I have to say that every year it gets bigger and better. (And the first year was SUPERFANTASTIC, to start with, so the whole thing is mindblowing, really.)

I’ll actually be presenting on Friday, March 30th with Stephanie Perkins, Jenny Han, and Elizabeth Eulberg, with Sarah Mylnowski moderating. The topic is “Being Friends with Boys.” I’m also part of the big multiauthor signing at Books of Wonder on Sunday, April 1st. But you can bet your booyah that I will be attending a lot more of these events. (See reason #3 of why being an author is fun.)

If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll join us!


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The Summer of Firsts and Lasts is Here in Paperback!! (GIVEAWAY!)

March 14th, 2012 by Terra | 11 Comments | Filed in Summer of Firsts and Lasts

UPDATE: Commenting for this giveaway is now closed; THANK YOU to everyone who participated!! TMc  (3/21/2012)

The official release date isn’t until April 1st, but paperback copies of my third book, THE SUMMER OF FIRSTS AND LASTS have arrived at my house!

Which means, of course, I want to give some of them away. Three copies of them, to be exact. Personalized. As an added bonus, I’ll also send you an ice cream recipe from my own personal collection, so that you can enjoy both a good read and a good scoop at the same time.

All you have to do to win, is complete one of three things:

A) Leave me a comment here about a memorable summer camp experience you’ve had.


B) Leave me a comment here about why you love your sister, or why you wish you had a sister (if you don’t happen to).


C) Leave me a comment here about ICE CREAM: your favorite flavor, your favorite method of eating it, your favorite memory of ice cream, etc.

That’s all you have to do. To win one of three –as I said– PERSONALIZED copies of this book, and an ice cream recipe from my own collection.

You have until Tuesday, April 20th, to submit your comments. I will choose three winners after that date and will contact you via the email associated with your profile to let you know if you’ve won.

I’m excited. I hope you’re excited too!


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PURE Reaches 30K

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It’s not an enormous number. In fact, it’s just a little over twice the population of Decatur. It makes for an okay salary, but not a great one. It’s significantly less than half of 100,000, and I’m sure you need a heap more than it to make it on the NYTimes Bestseller list.

But for me, 30,000 is WHOPPINGLY GIGANTIC. Because I found out this week that the total number of copies (including hardcover, ebooks, etc.) of Pure that have sold are over that amount. Actually, it’s a lot closer to 31,000. And I am utterly flabbergasted.

So I just wanted to write and say, Thank you. Thank you to all my readers, and especially to those of you who have read a book of mine and passed it along to a friend or loved one. Thank you to the librarian buyers who have stocked my work, and the librarians who have recommended it. Thank you to the teachers who have had me come speak to their classes, and the book clubs who have chosen this to read. Thank you to the bloggers and reviewers who have read my books and posted your opinions about it (whether positive or negative). Thank you to Borders (rest in peace) and Barnes & Noble, and every blessed Indie that took a chance on Pure and placed it where someone might find it. And then stocked the other two. Thanks to any bookseller who has ever hand-sold anything with my name on it. Thanks also to my author and industry friends who have supported and promoted my stuff along with theirs. Thank you, thank you to my publisher, my editor, and everyone who works to create these beautiful little products and get them out there in the world. Thanks to every English or Writing teacher I ever had, for inspiring, instructing, and pushing me as much as possible. Thank you to my yearbook teacher in 8th grade, Mrs. Johnson, for publishing all those awful poems of mine. Thanks to St. Andrews Press. Thanks to every person I’ve ever workshopped with, for sharing your talent with me and helping me hone mine. Thanks to my family, and my friends, and especially my husband. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone. Thank you for showing me what it’s like to NOT be Emily Dickinson, and to actually write something that actual people actually read during your actual lifetime.

Not that I think I’m Emily Dickinson.
But only a few short years ago I thought my writing would be a lot more like hers. Meaning, kept in a drawer until I was dead, invisible to everyone.

So thank you, everyone, for giving me the experience of not being in that drawer. 30,000 times.

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