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There’s a Blog Tour Happening!

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Thanks to my friends at Literary Logistics, there’s a really nice blog tour going on right now regarding BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS. You can WIN a copy of your own, but also follow along (discovering some AWESOME blogs) and read the 10 major differences I think there are between girl/guy friendships and girl/girl friendships. (For example: less talking, more doing.)

Here’s the full lineup if you want to follow along:

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And here are a couple of things that did NOT make the cut:
#11:  You eat a lot more pizza and hamburgers. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but with my best girlfriends we do things like cook themed meals for each other, bring out our best recipes, or at least choose a place for dinner that has fancy cocktails. (It’s my turn to host Supper Club next month and I’m already planning something involving this cool new recipe I found involving watermelon and feta; I’ll post about it next week.) The last time I went to my good pal Jamie’s house, we had hamburgers. And the last time we went out for dinner with him, it was for pizza. I was invited to have pizza again tonight. One time when I went to my friend Stewart’s, we did have good strawberries and pistachio nuts, but let’s put it this way: he didn’t have to put an apron on to prepare that.
#12:  They aren’t comparing your thighs to theirs. Maybe it’s just me, but it feels like even with my very, very best girlfriends, there’s a little physical comparison going on from time to time. Natalie’s hair is so long and gorgeous, I think. I wonder what would happen if I grew mine out? Or, Maybe if I ran more, I’d look as cute as Krista does in shorts. It’s not mean-spirited, more a way of checking out how I’m doing, myself. My girlfriends are all good-looking, and I want to make sure I’m keeping up my end of that for them, too. Silly, I guess, and very girlie of me, but I don’t usually find myself going, Man I really wish I could make my facial hair look as cool as Justin’s does.

Got any other differences between these kinds of friendships? I’d love to hear them. And good luck with the contest, too!


How Wes Anderson Inspired Me

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There’s a new movie out that you may have heard of called “Moonrise Kingdom.” Perhaps you are curious. Perhaps you are considering seeing it. Well, let me say that if you are interested in writing of any kind, I URGE you to go do so. The script of that film is one of the most tightly-written stories I’ve seen in a long time. It’s practically poreless. So, for you writers out there, it’s a good source of research.

It also happens to be a highly enjoyable film, so you’re lucky there too.


Seeing it last week, however, reminded me about another Wes Anderson film that I really enjoy, and which actually inspired me, in part, to write The Summer of Firsts and Lasts. “Darjeeling Limited” is the tale of three grown brothers traveling across India on what the eldest describes as a “quest to bond again” (though it’s secretly his intent to find their estranged mother, who has joined a convent). When I watched it for the first time, I was completely struck by how well the writer captured the complicated relationship dynamics between three siblings of the same gender. As you may know, I’m the eldest of three sisters, and I could *totally* relate to the different connections the brothers had together. To me, it was so true: Youngest has his own complicated relationship with Middle, Middle has his tangled relationship with Eldest, and Eldest and Youngest also have their own separate relationship, too. The three of them as a unit also make up an entirely separate, distinct relationship.

It’s amazing, and complex: Each sibling represents his own point in a triangle. Then, a side is created between each of the two points. When these are connected together, makes the strongest polygon there is. It’s one of the really amazing parts of this kind of sibling dynamic, and I’m not sure I would’ve written The Summer of Firsts and Lasts in the way I did, if “Darjeeling Limited” hadn’t shown me that I think this sibling situation is pretty magical (though sometimes difficult), too.

WHICH New Book??

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“How’s the new book coming?” a good friend wanted to know at a party the other day.

“Oh, it’s going well,” I sighed, in a happy-but-tired way. “I just turned in the edits last week, and I feel solid. There’s more to go through, but it’s in good shape.”

“Oh, no,” she corrected, frowning a little. “I meant the one that just came out. How’s that one?”

It took me more than a moment, but eventually I figured out which book she was referring to. And, after that epiphany, I got to talk about it excitedly. Very excitedly. The whole scenario made me aware though of how there are several different possibilities for what people are referring to as “the new book.”

Of course, the book that has just gotten released is the one that most people will think of as your new title. For me, excitedly, that’s BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS. May 1st meant that the whole world could finally purchase a book that I absolutely love and adore.  One I’m REALLY excited about and REALLY want people to read.

Admittedly though, BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS wasn’t “new” in my mind.  I’d turned that manuscript in to my editor back in September of 2011. By the time BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS was brand-new to the world, we’d already gone over it again and again, and I’d already been drafting *another* book, one that will come out in May 2013. Way before BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS was new to the world, I already had something “new” to my brain.

But that’s not all. Now that the revisions for CRIMINAL have been turned in (last month), it too is less than new in my mind. Though we don’t even have a cover for it yet, I’ll admit that my brain is already working on an outline for another “new” book that will, I hope, come out in 2014. It’s so new I can’t even talk about it, because not even I’m sure what it’s going to look like.  Still, I’m excited, and still my brain is occupied. So for me, the newest “new” book is one that no one –not even my editor or publisher– has even seen yet.

None of that takes into consideration the amazing paperback release –a “new” version of a book that’s been out for awhile– of THE SUMMER OF FIRSTS AND LASTS, which happened in April of this year. So, that’s a new book to be excited about too!

All of which is to say, part of what makes being a writer such an interesting endeavor, is that there’s always a new project. There’s always some new character, or setting, or story, that you’re interested in exploring, and there’s always some new situation you haven’t yet been in. And even better, the stories you’ve already written –the ones you’ve spent months and months perfecting– they get to be “new” all over again too, once they’re released. There’s always a new group of people with whom you get to share your work, new responses, new thoughts, new reviews.

So, what’s new? A lot. There’s so much new, I’m not sure where exactly where to start. But I hope you’ll stay tuned with all of it, and will share your new (and old) thoughts about it all with me!