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Bookmark Giveaway Day!

November 28th, 2012 by Terra | 5 Comments | Filed in Uncategorized

Thanks to the ladies over at Literary Logistics, I have all of these incredible bookmarks for BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS. And since I’m giddy this morning to discover that my video about said book appeared on The Huffington Post today (just over there on the right hand side of the screen, under “Top Video Picks,” under the Huff Post Book Club ad), I’m doing something crazy and giving a bunch away. Signed, no less! Anybody within the US who leaves me a comment here today until midnight (What do you like about the book? If you haven’t read it yet, when are you gonna? Send me a pick of you and your book maybe?) will get a signed one of these babies.

Mainly this is just one tiny way for me to say THANK YOU to all of you incredible readers and otherwise related book people. So, thanks!!

Thanksgiving, Sad Jackal Style

November 21st, 2012 by Terra | No Comments | Filed in Being Friends with Boys

This year for Thanksgiving, my husband and I are staying home and having a just-the-two-of-us holiday. Because it’s a little strange not having a ton of friends and family around (but also kind of nice), we make sure to plan a lot of great things for the day, including special meals, though not necessarily traditional Thanksgiving food. This year for our dinner, for example, we’re having a roasted pork loin instead of turkey. (I guess the potato-leek-cauliflower smash is probably pretty Thanksgiving-y, though. And the brussels sprouts salad.)

Anyway, since our Thanksgiving food is a bit odd, I thought I’d see what the members of Sad Jackal were doing for Thanksgiving, and what they’re favorites are during this holiday:


Trip:  Well, my Dad and I usually go down to Panama City where his sister lives. It’s nice being at the beach I guess, though we don’t stay but one night. Her husband’s family joins us. In general it’s pretty formal, not your Norman-Rockwell-around-the-table-thing. The women are in the kitchen, the kids are running around outside, and the guys all get parked in front of the TV watching football. (Though I’m not much into the sport, myself.) Then we sit around the table, say the blessing, carve the turkey, eat, done. That’s about it. My aunt makes a good sweet potato casserole, though. The kind with mini marshmallows on top.

Fabian:  It surprises me that my mother likes to make stuffing with oysters, since we’re Jewish, but I suppose there are a lot of other traditional things we don’t do, either. My father has a large family, and we try to visit with at least some of them at Thanksgiving. This year two of my uncles are coming to our house. Not a lot of cousins this time around, which is cool because I really enjoy Uncle Jacob, who’s an artist in New York, and Uncle Paul is hilarious at the family game of Balderdash.

Oliver:  Grandma’s house. She lives about an hour outside of the city, so it’s not too bad and we don’t stay long. Which is good, because it’s a giant crush of people over there. Nana invites her neighbors, and a couple from her church too, not just family, and everyone brings something. I think my mom’s doing some kind of bread, and the green bean casserole this year. I just hope that one lady brings her pecan pie again.

Abe:  I don’t know. Ma’s got some giant chore list kitchen schedule she’s been working on since about Halloween. I’ll probably end up on broccoli and cheese duty again.


Charlotte:  Well, my absolute favorite thing about Thanksgiving this year is that my sister Jilly will be home from college for a few days. I’ve missed her pretty badly and so much has happened in just the last month that I can’t wait to talk to her about. It’ll be really wonderful to have us all together again, sitting around the table. But I don’t mind my stepmom Hannah’s sausage and cornbread stuffing, either!


Eli:  Fried turkey, dude. My dad does it every year and it’s the beezatch!


I hope YOU all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, whatever you’re doing and wherever you are. And rest assured that I am truly thankful for every single reader out there! Happy Thanksgiving!

YA for NJ Auction Starts 11/30!!

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I grew up with hurricanes.

Every year, at least six or seven times, my dad would pull out the old trusty piece of styrofoam, upon which he had glued a map of the East Coast, including of course Florida and the water surrounding it. Whenever a hurricane (or tropical storm) was on its way, he’d track the latitude and longitude of its center, marking it with a pin so that we could follow the path. Sometimes the hurricanes veered off in directions we didn’t expect. Sometimes they came straight for us. Sometimes we hid in the closet under the stairs in our house, clutching blankets and the battery-operated radio, the bathtub upstairs filled with in-case water. Once a tree fell next door, and if it had been about five feet taller, it would’ve smashed through our garage. There were occasionally stretches of time without power.

But being a Tallahassee girl, my family and I were always far enough inland to avoid the brunt of any severe hurricane damage. Limbs down, yes. Power lines sometimes. School maybe cancelled for a day. But never the kind of devastation that places like Miami, New Orleans, and now New York and New Jersey have ever had to deal with.

And we never had a Nor’Easter to deal with on top of all that.

Which is why I’m very happy to be a part of YA for NJ, an AMAZING fundraiser for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, to help out victims of Hurricane Sandy. The organizers of this auction (which begins November 30th) have put together donations from over 150 YA authors including  Holly Black, Coe Booth, Matt de la Pena, Elizabeth Eulberg, Jen Calonita, Jeff Hirsch, Gordon Korman, David Levithan, Lisa McMann, Stephanie Perkins, Jerry Spinelli, Victoria Schwab . . . way way way too many other awesome folks to mention. Oh, and also myself. :)   Like their Facebook page: to get a complete list and full updates on the auction.

This is a SUPER opportunity to do some holiday shopping for the teen reader in your life, and also make a difference to families that really need it! Thanks for checking it out!