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May Your Days Be Merry, and Bright–Always.

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The Darkest Night of the Year

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Winter Solstice is on Saturday, the 21st–the darkest night of the year. A good time to curl up with an excellent book or movie, someone you love, and maybe your journal to reflect on stillness and darkness, and the miracle of hope and light in such a time.

Each reader, bookseller, librarian, reviewer, teacher, book club member and anyone else who reads or talks about one of my books is a GREAT source of light to me, so I wish all of you warmth, peace and hope in your homes and hearts!

Author-2-Author with My Pal Brittany Geragotelis

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Back in September, I got to attend the Anderson’s YA Summit with a ton of other spectacular authors (click here for a recap), which was a fantastic experience in and of itself. That I also met and became friends with author (and real firecracker of a girl) Brittany Geragotelis made the whole thing even more awesome. Brittany is the author of Life’s a Witch, What the Spell, and a brand-new romcom, Ki$$ and $pell. I learned a ton of things from hearing Brittany’s journey and thoughts about writing, so when she asked me to be a part of a new series she’s launching on her blog, Author-2-Author, I was totally in. We chatted for over two hours together about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, unlikeable characters, commercial vs. literary success, JK Rowling, and a bunch of other stuff, and now you can see the whole conversation. Rather than posting the entire thing though, I’m sending you all over to Brittany’s website where you can read the transcript AND enter to win two different (and fabulous) contests. I hope you get as much out of our talk as I did!!