Summer Jobs: A Thing of the Past?

July 20th, 2011 by Terra | Filed under Uncategorized.

All this business about Borders stores closing across the country, and then discovering this month that the last neighborhood bricks-and-mortar video rental place I had (yes, it was a Blockbuster, but still) has now vacated its premises, I am thinking a lot of different things. And one of the things I am thinking is, how the heck are teenagers getting those oh-so-important summer jobs? And where?

I myself was one of those working teenagers who didn’t just have a job over the summer, but during the school year as well. I worked as a mother’s helper to a woman who had twins, then as an assistant at a preschool, and then as a busser and bakery counter girl at The Mill Bakery & Eatery (no longer in existence). Working so much sometimes sucked, and was rough on my social life from time to time. But it got me extra money. And interesting friends. And some amazing life experiences.

I know there are still grocery stores. And ice cream parlors. And indie bookstores and parents’ offices and children who need care during the summer and sleepaway camps and things like that. I know that the summer job isn’t totally going away. But still, I feel (especially considering the ongoing economy), we’re losing something.

So in the effort to pay homage to this rite of passage in life, I’m asking you to tell me about a summer job YOU had, and how it changed your life!


Songs In My Head Upon Waking in the Last Week*:

“Tell it to My Heart,” by Taylor Dane; “You are My Sunshine” (generic folk song); “The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers,” by Tigger; “Only the Beginning,” by Jem & the Holograms; “Could You Be Love?” by Bob Marley; the theme song to the TV show “Silver Spoons”; “Legs,” by ZZ Top

* this one was a DOOZIE, and no I swear I am not making any of this up.

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