DBF Is Over . . . Now What?

September 21st, 2011 by Terra | Filed under Uncategorized.

The weeks leading up to Labor Day weekend 2011 were pretty hectic. I was juggling phonecalls, answering emails, conducting meetings, holding interviews, not to mention making sure we had all the laptops we needed, and buying just the right dress in which to introduce Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis for our keynote address on Friday, September 2nd.

Life was happening.
And now the AJC Decatur Book Festival, presented by DeKalb Medical, is over. There are still some emails to write, some meetings to conduct, but in general the hourly sense of frenzy and enthusiasm is . . . gone. At least until 2012 rolls around.

But does that mean that things stop being exciting for ME? No way! Here is a list of things I plan to accomplish in the wake of DBF . . .

1.  Go to Cape Cod for a week and eat lobster every day. (CHECK!)

2.  Finally burn CDs for at least 2 of the friends to whom I owe CDs. (Getting there. Planning playlists is tricky.)

3. Interview some more awesome authors with books coming out this fall. (Stay tuned.)

4.  Work on Pinup Girl decoupage box. (Need new Exacto knife first.)

5.  Start outlining novel #5. (Index cards are already on the desk.)

6.  Teach CREATIVE WRITING classes at Little Shop of Stories:

WRITING FOR YOUNG PEOPLE:  Six Mondays, starting October 3rd. Writers in 6-8th grade. Learn the basics of writing a fantastic short story! 4:30-5:45, $200.

WRITING LIKE A GROWNUP, THINKING LIKE A KID: Six Wednesdays, starting 10/5, from 6:00-7:30. Learn how to write a great chapter book for kids. $250

7.  Finally bake sour cream apple pie recipe found in Italy in 1994. (Just need to buy pie weights first!)

8.  Enjoy afternoon of reading ELLE and BUST magazines for both August and September. (Before October issues arrive!)

9.  Re-establish workout routine. (Meh.)

10. Continue to dream about crazy and exciting plans for AJC Decatur Book Festival 2012. (CHECK!)

Stay tuned for more shenanigans and adventures!


Songs in my Head Upon Waking in the Last Week:

“Pineapple Head,” by Crowded House; “Smooth,” by Santana and Rob Thomas; “Secret Meeting,” by The National; “It’s All Right,” by the Impressions; “Melancholy Hill,” by the Gorillaz; “Candy,” by Iggy Pop; “I Could Be Nothing,” by Great Lakes Swimmers


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  1. Jennifer Burrell says:

    I will totally be your support system for making that apple pie.

  2. I am proud and incredibly honored to be your partner and will keep you in check during this transitional period. And yes, Terra DID eat lobster every day!

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