The Three Amgios and How I Became One of Them

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By seventh grade, I knew my time as a trick-or-treater was coming to an end. I had seen the snide looks given to taller, older trick-or-treaters when they showed up at houses, extending pillowcases and towering over those of us four-feet-and-under folks in our princess outfits and our cowboy getups. Clearly, there was a trick-or-treating age cutoff. Maybe it was cool to the 9th graders in my neighborhood to score free candy, but it wasn’t cool to everyone else.

So, as my thirteenth year approached, I understood that the Halloween of (fill in year here) was going to be my Swan Song of Halloweening: the end of an era. Therefore, it had to be really good.

Fortunately, I had friends who were twins.
And who were game to pretty much any cockamamie dress-up idea I ever had.
I had also recently seen perhaps one of the greatest comic films of all time: “The Three Amigos.”

I won’t bore you with too many details about creating the costumes. Just imagine me, months before Halloween, painstakingly sewing sequins into flower shapes on my mother’s black vest, and my least favorite black pants. (My friends were following similar instructions with their own black clothes.) Picture me gluing the same patterns on the brims of three sombreros. (I’m not even sure where I got those.) And finally, taking my hard-earned mother’s-helper income to the toy store to purchase six –six!– toy cowboy pistols.

The costumes weren’t even half of it though. I knew that, for people to really understand who we were (and to forgive us for being both too tall and too old), we had to have a routine. So I invited my dear, sweet, willing twin friends to spend the night at my house. And watch “The Three Amigos.” And learn the song, AND the special Three Amigos Salute.

Though there is, unfortunately, neither any photographic nor video evidence of this event, I swear on a stack of pinatas that at every house we went to that Halloween, as soon as the door opened, we either immediately piped into song, or did the Three Amigos salute. Some people were amused. Others surprised and confused. Still others, I think, pitied my two friends for being clearly coerced into following such a crazy scheme.

But I . . . I ended my Halloween legacy (for a few years at least, until my college friends and I all dressed up as the characters from Star Wars, but that’s another story)–on the highest, brightest, most drawn-out note possible.


Songs In My Head Upon Waking in the Last Week:

“Bottomliners,” by Brian Eno; “Brooklyn Boogie,” by Louis Prima; “Only the Good Die Young,” by Billy Joel; “I Gotta Feelin’” by the Black Eyed Peas; “Am I the Same Girl?” by Swing out Sister; “Close to You,” by the Carpenters; “The Things You Said,” by Depeche Mode



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