Happy Valentine’s Day to You, and You, and YOU!

February 14th, 2013 by Terra | Filed under Crafting.

Last year I wrote quite the manifesto about Valentine’s Day and why I love it. So I am not going to bombard you with that again. (Though feel free to read it if you haven’t!) Instead I’m going to just send a bunch of love and thanks to you, for reading this blog, or reading my books, or even just coming here randomly to check things out. Thank you! You are appreciated! And very good-looking, I might add! I hope that you have an absolutely terrific day today, and that you at least get a cupcake or some candy or something.

As my treat to you (since I can’t give you a bowlful of pink M&Ms very easily), here’s a sampling of the Valentines I hand-made this year.

Hugs! Kisses! Sickening Sweetness!


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  1. You are SO clever!!! I see mine here…I keep all of the ones you make for me:)

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