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  • Quotable Brynn Polonowski

    In celebrate of the paperback release of IN DEEP, here are some tidbits from Brynn herself:

  • IN DEEP Paperback Coming July 7th!

    The paperback of In Deep hits stores Tuesday, July 7th, and in celebration I’m partnering with The Young Folks in a giveaway and a chance to have your own #InDeep story shared on their site!

  • Pictures from the IN DEEP Pool Party This Week

    Of course I wore a wetsuit! Thanks to everyone who came, and especially to Little Shop of Stories for bringing books and grilling the dogs!

  • Getting Even Deeper #indeep

    The conversation keeps coming in celebration of the release of In Deep! To wrap things up for today, here are two tales that will pull at all your strings (literally and figuratively) from authors Jessica Martinez and Bethany Chase. Jessica Martinez is the author of Kiss, Kill Vanish (a super intense thriller coming in October), […]

  • More Stories About Getting #indeep

    All day today to celebrate the release of In Deep, authors and friends are sharing their own stories about getting in over their heads, and you can too! Join the Twitter convo at #indeep, but while you’re here check out what Delilah Dawson and Christa Desir have to say. Delilah Dawson is the author of […]