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  • Add BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS To Your Summer Reading Pile!

    Been meaning to read BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS and haven’t yet? Well, there is a giveaway sweepstakes on right now until July 15th! Enter to win one of eight signed copies of BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS, *and* a newly-created Sad Jackal band logo sticker! FOLLOW HERE TO GET SIGNED UP FOR THE GIVEAWAY!!

  • The Page Turners Have Spoken, And They Are Conflicted!

    There are many fantastic elements to my job as a bookseller at Little Shop of Stories, but hands down one of my favorite tasks is running my two book clubs. Kids & Companions is a group for kids ages 8-11, and a grownup reading partner of their choice, and the Page Turners are all girls […]

  • The Sad Jackal Logo, Revealed!

    Thanks to everyone who voted in the Being Friends With Boys Sad Jackal band logo contest! It was fun to watch the votes come in, and I’m happy to announce that my good friend (and, in my opinion, great artist) Stewart Haddock created the winning design! I asked Stewart a little bit about his art, […]

  • Happy Paperback, Sad Jackal!!

    Voting for the Sad Jackal band logo contest is now closed. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning! Thanks for those who voted, and I’ll contact sticker winners directly! I have been waiting a long, long time for the paperback release of Being Friends With Boys, for two reasons: 1) because paperback means it’s is […]

  • Sad Jackal Goes To See The XX

    Last week The XX played in Asheville, and we took a quick 24-hour road trip up to see them. Since one of their songs, “VCR” is on one of the many playlists Trip has made for Charlotte, I was curious about what the whole gang from Being Friends With Boys thought about their performance: Eli: […]

  • New Year Resolutions from the Augustine Sisters

    I feel like almost everyone I know is really excited about 2013, including me. For some reason, this feels like  the beginning of a truly new year. Of course, a lot of my excitement centers around my new book, CRIMINAL, which will be released in May. But there’s also new WIPs being developed, and opportunities […]

  • Charlotte Gets a New Dress

    Well, the whole Huffington Post thing last week totally threw me off, because I’ve realized if BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS was real life, Winter Formal would be THIS WEEKEND!!! I’ll be posting a recap from the members of Sad Jackal next week of course, but for now picture Charlotte busy with preparations. Including admiring her […]

  • Thanksgiving, Sad Jackal Style

    This year for Thanksgiving, my husband and I are staying home and having a just-the-two-of-us holiday. Because it’s a little strange not having a ton of friends and family around (but also kind of nice), we make sure to plan a lot of great things for the day, including special meals, though not necessarily traditional […]

  • Sad Jackal Sees Zammuto

    Monday night I was at The Earl, watching Zammuto, a band that was new to me . They were a fabulous combination of poppy rock, musical and cultural intellect, and hilarious videos that were synched to their performance. It was a truly enjoyable show (and I recommend you check out their extensive tour, as they […]

  • There’s a Blog Tour Happening!

    Thanks to my friends at Literary Logistics, there’s a really nice blog tour going on right now regarding BEING FRIENDS WITH BOYS. You can WIN a copy of your own, but also follow along (discovering some AWESOME blogs) and read the 10 major differences I think there are between girl/guy friendships and girl/girl friendships. (For […]