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  • Two Incredibly Cool Things

    This is an exciting week. First of all, I’m now officially only TEN DAYS AWAY from the start of the AJC-Decatur Book Festival sponsored by DeKalb Medical. I have been working for six months as Program Director to bring this thing together, and it’s ALMOST HERE!  But I’m not just excited because this big project […]

  • The Importance of Sharing a Story

    I have been thinking a lot about reading and writing this week, after news that both Reading is Fundamental and the National Writing Project have recently fallen victim to slashes in government spending. Which is why I was really honored when my friend (and awesome illustrator, and fabulous literacy advocate) Elizabeth Dulemba asked me to […]

  • 25 Books Young Georgians Should Read Includes PURE!!

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Lots and lots of jumping up and down with excitement this morning! And if I’d had internet access at my house last night I would have announced it then! Yesterday the Georgia Center for the Book announced its very first ever list of “25 Books Young Georgians Should Read,” and Pure was one of […]

  • Spin me a YARN!

    There are so many exciting things around After the Kiss, and here’s another one! YARN (Young Adult Review Network) is hosting a poetry competition just for YOU. Write a poem in the vein of your favorite poet (a la After the Kiss heroine, Becca), and win a signed copy of After the Kiss for yourself! […]

  • The Kiss On Everybody’s List

    Yippee and hooray! After the Kiss is finally out in the world, and feedback is coming in! Here are a few quick glances of the excitement this week, with more photos and videos to come!

  • Sneak Peek of What’s Coming Next Week!

    The release of After the Kiss is RIGHT around the corner, and I can’t believe it. Thought I’d offer up a sneak peek of what’s inside, so you can run out and get your own copy on Tuesday, May 4th! After the Kiss excerpt

  • Coming Soon!

    May 4th is fast approaching, and while there are a lot of people with awesome book releases that day (Lauren Myracle and Rick Riordan to name a few), but there’s one book *I’m* particularly excited about, and it looks like this: Sneak peeks of the interior to come ANY DAY NOW. For now, I am […]

  • Two Exciting Things

    Yesterday, via the fabulous UPS man (and my editrix), I received my very first copy of Pure in paperback! Now, we all know that the hardcover version, designed by Cara Petrus, was deliciously fabulous, but let me be the first to say that the paperback (also designed by Cara) is EQUALLY BEAUTIFUL AND YUMMY! Even […]

  • Thanks, Joe Davich!

    Last week in Creative Loafing my good pal Joe Davich (who is also Literary Know-All of Georgia–at Georgia Center for the Book–, not to mention Man Who Can Make Anything Happen, Especially if You Need Signage or Stantions) wrote a terrific list of his nine favorite books of 2009. And guess who made the cut? […]

  • An Appearance in SAPC Alumni Magazine

    Because my college friends and experiences still play a huge role in my current life, and because I would not be the writer or the person I am today without St. Andrews Presbyterian College, I was thrilled to be interviewed for the Alumni Magazine by Stephanie Kjelgaard. She asked great questions and incorporated my answers […]