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  • All Hail Little Shop of Stories for the best Author Party Ever! #10YearsLater

    As I celebrate ten years of PURE being out in the world, I absolutely must take a moment to toast everyone at Little Shop of Stories (owners, staff, customers, family, friends) for throwing me the BEST EVER AUTHOR PARTY back in April 2009. There were streamers, cupcakes, and champagne. A special chalkboard and entire window […]

  • Ten Years (and More) of Thanking Little Shop of Stories!

    Anyone who knows me knows my long-time love affair with the amazing independent bookstore in Decatur, Little Shop of Stories. I had the pleasure of meeting co-owners Diane Capriola and Dave Shallenberger only a few precious months before the opening of their bookstore (July of 2005 — I met them in May), and managed to […]

  • Ten Years of PURE: Celebrating Editrix Anica Mrose Rissi

    April 2019 marks ten years since Pure was published, and I’m spending the whole month reminiscing and remembering! The very first person who has to be celebrated today is my amazing editrix, Anica Mrose Rissi.  * Nica is the one who found an article about purity rings and remembered I wanted to write something about […]

  • PURE Reaches 30K

    30,000. It’s not an enormous number. In fact, it’s just a little over twice the population of Decatur. It makes for an okay salary, but not a great one. It’s significantly less than half of 100,000, and I’m sure you need a heap more than it to make it on the NYTimes Bestseller list. But […]

  • 25 Books Young Georgians Should Read Includes PURE!!

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Lots and lots of jumping up and down with excitement this morning! And if I’d had internet access at my house last night I would have announced it then! Yesterday the Georgia Center for the Book announced its very first ever list of “25 Books Young Georgians Should Read,” and Pure was one of […]

  • I Heart Nerds Heart YA!!

    Well, After the Kiss has been out for a month, and it’s getting a lot of exciting coverage, including this amazing STARRED REVIEW from the Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, which included gems of insight and understanding such as, “the story doesn’t go in the expected direction of angry confrontation . . .” […]

  • Thanks, Joe Davich!

    Last week in Creative Loafing my good pal Joe Davich (who is also Literary Know-All of Georgia–at Georgia Center for the Book–, not to mention Man Who Can Make Anything Happen, Especially if You Need Signage or Stantions) wrote a terrific list of his nine favorite books of 2009. And guess who made the cut? […]

  • Interview on God Complex Radio Today

    So, today I had the total thrill and pleasure of talking with Carol Howard Merritt and Bruce Reyes-Chow on their most-excellent show, God Complex Radio. This was a huge honor for me as the show has a great following and an esteemed list of guests, but boy let me tell you some of the questions […]

  • Happy Monthaversary, PURE!

    A month ago today, we were celebrating Pure with champagne and cupcakes at Little Shop of Stories. Here’s a little bit of what that night was like!!

  • So Many Great Things This Weekend

    Just wanted to post a quick notice about two great events this weekend! The first is my official launch party for Pure on Friday night at 7:30 at Little Shop of Stories (133 East Court Square, Decatur GA 30030 404-373-6300). We will have cupcakes and champagne and shirley temples and live music and of course […]