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  • Books Are Ammo for Your Brain

    Humans invented storytelling to explain things to others that they hadn’t experienced themselves. It’s a way of passing on information, but also inspiration and empathy. Eventually oral tradition evolved to writing. Which means, since the invention of writing, we read to understand what is different from our own experience. Reading has the power to make […]

  • The Importance of Sharing a Story

    I have been thinking a lot about reading and writing this week, after news that both Reading is Fundamental and the National Writing Project have recently fallen victim to slashes in government spending. Which is why I was really honored when my friend (and awesome illustrator, and fabulous literacy advocate) Elizabeth Dulemba asked me to […]

  • My Most (Realistic) Year

    So I met with The Mix last weekend (the high school girls’ book group I run at Little Shop of Stories), to discuss My Most Excellent Year. I was expecting a really huge, gushing response; this, after all, was a book requested by another member who absolutely loved it, and two other Little Shoppers could […]