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  • Michelangelo This World

    My friend (and great thinker, moving poet, inspirational character) Franklin Abbott shared this poem with me this week, and I share it with you in dark times. Let’s all think seriously now about how we’ll Michelangelo this world with a stronger arm and sharper chisel. YOU CANNOT KILL MEby Franklin Abbott I am not only […]

  • THE SWEETHEART is So Much More Than Sweet

    There are a lot of things I gained from my time as a Creative Writing MA student at Florida State University. A fantastic education in the craft of writing was the main one, but close on the heels of that were the relationships I formed with the writers I met and worked with there. Angelina […]

  • Disappearing Into Kiss Kill Vanish with Jessica Martinez

    I have been a Jessica Martinez fan ever since her first book, Virtuosity, came out in in 2011. Her contemporary realism is exactly that–contemporary (as in, relevant and timely) and very, very real. There are no easy fixes, no simple characters, and no bow-tied endings, and it’s what I admire and like about her work. […]

  • Getting Even Deeper #indeep

    The conversation keeps coming in celebration of the release of In Deep! To wrap things up for today, here are two tales that will pull at all your strings (literally and figuratively) from authors Jessica Martinez and Bethany Chase. Jessica Martinez is the author of Kiss, Kill Vanish (a super intense thriller coming in October), […]

  • More Stories About Getting #indeep

    All day today to celebrate the release of In Deep, authors and friends are sharing their own stories about getting in over their heads, and you can too! Join the Twitter convo at #indeep, but while you’re here check out what Delilah Dawson and Christa Desir have to say. Delilah Dawson is the author of […]

  • This is NOT An Interview for a Writing Manual

    The Young Adult Review Network is a site I’ve enjoyed and admired for quite some time, both as a guest poster and also simply as a reader. It’s chock-a-block full of good advice and interviews with authors and poets, and, more importantly, is a great outlet for young writers’ work. So when Kerri Majors, editor […]

  • Pocket Full of Regret

    To continue the discussion around the themes in CRIMINAL, I invited a couple of author friends to talk about a time when they’d wronged someone, and what they did –if it was at all possible– to correct it. Conquering our regrets is never easy, it’s an issue that isn’t even fully answered in CRIMINAL, so […]

  • What Would YOU Really Do?

    To continue the conversation about the themes in CRIMINAL this month, I asked a special round of authors this question: “What do you think you’d do if someone you knew confessed (to you) that they’d committed a murder, and what do you think you’d actually do?”  Even before I asked this question, I expected some […]

  • Love Is Blindness

    Folks are already taking notice of one of the biggest themes in Criminal: that sometimes love can blind you from all other reason. It can make you do things you ordinarily wouldn’t do, can make you like things you wouldn’t ordinarily like, and in general can cause you to become a completely different version of […]

  • Sailing Away with Poet Chelsea Rathburn

    While working for the AJC Decatur Book Festival, I was able to meet and collaborate with an abundance of incredible people. One of these folks was poet Chelsea Rathburn, who has been the driving force behind the festival’s esteemed and successful poetry track for several years. For National Poetry Month, I’m thrilled to celebrate Chelsea […]