All Hail Little Shop of Stories for the best Author Party Ever! #10YearsLater

As I celebrate ten years of PURE being out in the world, I absolutely must take a moment to toast everyone at Little Shop of Stories (owners, staff, customers, family, friends) for throwing me the BEST EVER AUTHOR PARTY back in April 2009. There were streamers, cupcakes, and champagne. A special chalkboard and entire window display. There were many friends present, both local and from far away. There was a giant glittery card. My friend Daniel Clay performed his beautiful music, and both Krista Gilliam and Dave Shallenberger gave incredible toasts. There was . . . a lot I remember and much I’m sure I don’t, because it was all such a whirlwind blur of excitement and delight. But I am thankful to this day for the thrill I felt walking into that party–one I still feel, ten years later. THANK YOU!!

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