Ten Years (and More) of Thanking Little Shop of Stories!

Anyone who knows me knows my long-time love affair with the amazing independent bookstore in Decatur, Little Shop of Stories. I had the pleasure of meeting co-owners Diane Capriola and Dave Shallenberger only a few precious months before the opening of their bookstore (July of 2005 — I met them in May), and managed to convince them to hire me as their manager. Working at and with Little Shop of Stories was and continues to be one of the biggest honors and delights of my life.

There is nothing like being a Little Shop of Stories bookseller.

But there’s REALLY nothing like being a Little Shop of Stories bookseller who also happens to publish her first book.

From being excited about ordering the book, to waiting to open the box of PURE until my shift started, to throwing the most incredible book release party in the history of book release parties (more to come on that), to CONTINUING to sell, stock, and advocate for this little novel (and all the rest) — everyone at Little Shop of Stories has made every day of PURE one made of diamonds, pearls, gold, and the forever kind of love.

This day I take a serious moment to thank everyone at Little Shop of Stories– my bosses, my coworkers, my customers, my friends, book club members, my community. You have made the last ten years some of the most meaningful of my life.


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