Ten Years of PURE: Celebrating Editrix Anica Mrose Rissi

April 2019 marks ten years since Pure was published, and I’m spending the whole month reminiscing and remembering!

The very first person who has to be celebrated today is my amazing editrix, Anica Mrose Rissi. 

* Nica is the one who found an article about purity rings and remembered I wanted to write something about teens and faith, back when we were editorial assistants at the same publishing house.

* Nica sat with me at the very first breakfast where  I mapped out a potential plot and the character relationships. She asked all the right questions from Day One, and kept asking them.

* Nica bravely acquired this book, and then walked me through the entire contract and publishing process. (Above and beyond!!)

* Nica then edited the heck out of this novel, taking it from a plucky little idea to the finished manuscript.

*Nica cheered, inspired and cajoled me throughout the entire editing process, usually in tiny handwriting. She also sent me updates on the book’s coverage and progress within the publishing house, ensured I met all the right people, and knew  about every new printing or announcement.

* Nica sent me flowers on publishing day, and was there for my release parties.

* Nica appeared on panels with me about PURE, and asked great questions then, too.

* And Nica has continually been there not only for Pure over the last ten years, but for all my subsequent books, whether as actual editrix, sounding board, inspiration, writing partner, cheerleader, critic, fellow bookseller, author, and a whole bunch of other roles we never quite imagined when we first dreamed up this project.

So today, April 3rd, we give THREE CHEERS FOR ANICA!

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