Dare to Share your Diary

Diary entries can be embarrassing.

In the wrong hands (even your own, years later), they can become cringe-worthy.

But they can also be invigorating.





In This Is All Your Fault, Cassie Parker (RELEASED THIS WEEK!!!)  Fiona’s diary is practically its own character. Over the course of the novel, it is a source of anxiety, strife, division, hesitation, discovery, freedom, and ultimately, growth.

Which is why I’m inviting you to participate in a campaign during release week where I, some other authors you may have heard of (Hint: Wendy Mass! Rebecca Petruck! Kami Kinard! Lauren Myracle!), and hopefully all of you will offer a peek into our own diaries or journals.

Now, you may shudder at the idea of sharing a diary page with the public, but this isn’t about humiliating anybody, or throwing anyone’s younger self under the bus for a contemporary laugh. Rather it’s about sharing the wonderful self-expression that comes from writing in a diary.

So, if you’re game,  go through old diaries or journals and find an entry that best captures either you or how you’ve used your diary. This can be something from your tween life, or more current (even, for example, a listing entry you wrote yesterday); the goal is to simply have a conversation about diaries and how great they can be. Post a pic of your entry on Twitter and/or Instagram with #diarydare and #yourfaultCassie, and then enjoy the sharing as other entries roll in.

Oh, and did I mention? Participants get a chance to win a set of personalized copies of This Is All Your Fault, Cassie Parker, Drive me Crazy, and your own brand-new blank journal, sent directly from me to you. US only please.

Thanks for participating in this, and I hope you enjoy the new book as soon as you get to read it.

And in case you need a little inspiration:

Kami Kinard (The Boy Project) excited to turn 16.

Wendy Mass (11 Birthdays, Candymakers) having a rough day.

Lauren Myracle (The Wishing Day, The Winnie Years series) not sure about her boy life.

Profound words from Rebecca Petruck (Steering Toward Normal).

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