For Readers and Writers

F. Scott Fitzgerald said nobody ever became a writer by just wanting to be one. So definitely the best thing you can do to become a writer is to write. A lot. The second best thing you can do to become a writer is read. (Because by reading good writing and thinking about good writing you will learn how to make your own writing something worth reading.)

Another thing you can do to help your writing is to be on the lookout for opportunities to write and be involved in writing wherever you are. Look for book or writing groups at school or in your community. Enter contests. Go to readings. Take extra classes or camps, visit writers' homes—surround yourself with anything that will make you feel inspired to write and learn more about writing. If you can become involved in a magazine or journal, that is a good way to learn a lot about writing, too. Anything that will keep you engaged and practicing is going to be good for you!

Resources About Reading and Writing